Authentic Biking


Green Stories of a Green Valley

Authentic Biking in Savinja Valley, Slovenia

A Tailored Five Star Experience


In Savinja river valley, you’ll find yourself in one of the most beautiful and intact natural habitats in Slovenia, Europe.

Our e-biking tours are tailored by local guides who take you to pristine places yet unoccupied by tourists. 

Join our guided e-biking tours, meet our nature and culture, learn our secrets, and live a day of your life as you deserve it.

What's in Store for You?

: ride, drink, eat, sleep, learn, enjoy

Guided Biking Tours

We offer you a selection of 6 different guided biking tours, made for any shape, taste or interest group. Suitable for families, friends or adrenaline lovers & adventure seekers.

Each tour is a story of its own. Whether you like to ride panoramic roads alongside river beds, or climb the mountain tops, get a taste of local culinary delicacies, spoil yourself in wellness and spas, enjoy our selection of wines & cheese, herbs and cider, or you are a fan of grilling and BBQ – we have you covered.

There are many authentic sights and amazing places in each individual tour
- and each route will leave you amazed.

1. Green Waters Panorama Route

A stunning all-day cycling tour takes you along mountain macadam roads, the highest panoramic road in Slovenia, and back along the emerald river Savinja …

2. Solčava Panoramic Biking Route

A shorter version of the beautiful scenic Solčava road following the footsteps of the dragon Lintver offers fascinating views of the mountains, authentic mountain farms, …

3. Wine Route

The wine hills are in relatively steep and very sunny locations, which we can easily manage with our e-bikes and ride from vineyard cottage to vineyard cottage …

4. Bio Farm Route

Climb with the longest cable car in Slovenia, ride the e-bike in the Golte landscape park with beautiful views of the valley and the Kamnik Savinja Alps …

5. Freeride Grill

Are you a bit more experienced cyclist, and are you tempted to ride away from the concrete roads to more technical terrain, maybe even into the mud …

6. Cider & Herbs Tour

Get ready for a sensory journey into the world of herbs in the company of experienced herbalists. Overwhelm your senses with herbal bathing, …

24-Hour Adventure

: our all-inclusive five star package

If you want to sleep over at our apartments, you can book our 24-Hour Adventure. This is our premium all-inclusive package offering a full authentic experience of Savinja river valley:

Apartments & Accommodation

Need a place to stay?

Sleep over in our family owned apartments and enjoy the coziness and warmth of a pristine alpine home.

Start the day with home-made breakfast. And in the evenings try our local meals or help us prepare a classic BBQ, oven baked pizza or traditional ‘peka’.

Apartments & Accommodation


A Place to Hang

You can hang in a hammock or hang out with friends or kids & shoot some hoops …


A Place to Rest

After a fulfilling biking tour, you can take a rest on the bench in a walnut tree-shade …


A Place for Kids

Kids always enjoy our mini playground. For ages from  1 to 99 …


A Place for Drinks

For morning coffee and evening wine. There’s no better place to sit …


A Place for You

In our apartments we make an extra effort for our guests. Because You are the king! 😉

Don't Be Hungry!

There’s no need to get hungry while you stay with us. In fact, we won’t allow you to!

At all times, whether during the tours or while staying at our apartments, there’s plenty of food.

Local delicacies and culinary delights are served at e-biking tours stop-points, local farms and guesthouses.

And when we get back to our place, we become our own chefs. We can make a wooden oven baked Pizza A to Z, goulash with bread dumplings, a traditional ‘peka’ with roast meet and veggies or an octopus, or play around an open fire BBQ.

And don’t worry – where there’s plenty of food, there is also plenty of drinks 😉

The Sights of Savinja River Valley

Savinja mountain river valley offers the most amazing specter of natural and cultural scenes, sights & events. With us you won’t miss a thing. From the most known touristic places, to hidden areas, all within a reach of our e-bike tours.

We are locals, and we know the best where to feast your eyes and other senses. Regardless if we speak of secret spots by the riverside or amazing mountain-top sunset scenery, we will take you there.